About Us

Flame TAO Knoware Pvt Ltd. is pleased to be associated with Ashok Malhotra and make available his framework on evolution of living systems, and the entire suite of tools authored by him to the public at large.

Flame TAO consultants have applied his framework and tools to their consulting engagements around Organization Transformation, Alignment and Optimization, and in the processes of Organization design.

Flame TAO is partnering Ashok to offer the EUM Certification program, and promote the application of the framework and usage of the tools.

Flame TAO offers EUM certified practitioners, the opportunity to be its partner in the use of these tools, use of online administration facilities through this site, and join in research and dissemination connected with the framework and use of associated tools.

The EUM–I, and EUM–O, two of the earliest tools designed have till date been administered to over 3000 individuals and 100 organizations respectively.

Ashok Malhotra

Ashok Malhotra, an IIM (Ahmedabad) alumnus , is an Organization Consultant based out of Bengaluru.

He is the author of the framework on which the EUM-I, EUM – O, EUM – M and other tools he has designed are based.

Ashok is a researcher at heart, a gifted teacher and communicator, a past practitioner of Human Resource Management, an insightful observer of human processes and a consultant who facilitates organic evolution of organizations.

Inspired by Clare Graves’ work on evolution, the EUM framework is based on the basic principle that an individual, during the course of his/her life, journeys through distinct states of existence. No state is a closed system but is characterized by needs, wants, beliefs, values, and proclivities that are specific and consistent with corresponding life conditions.