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If you are an OD practitioner, a consultant, an executive coach, a person or organization involved in personal / organizational alignment, the EUM suite of tools can serve a range of purposes for you..


By partnering TAO in extending the use of the EUM suite:

  • You can make a difference to your clients’ efforts to grow, evolve and enhance their ability to respond to their context.
  • You can help your clients gain a greater understanding of their DNA, the core of propensities and entrenchments, the key strengths and learning gaps, the aspirations and development directions, and other imperatives of existence.
  • You can enhance the ability of your client system to reflect on its context and align.
  • You can help client systems discover convergences and divergences in perspectives, create a rich context for dialogue, and discovery of shared meanings / purpose.
  • You can see yourself grow and evolve as a person and a professional, with a growing sense of rhythm with your context and capacity to respond to the emergent.
  • You will benefit from the experience and insights of other practitioners of the EUM suite made available to partners by

The tools themselves are deceptively simple to the lay observer and to the respondent who is administered any of the tools. Behind this apparent ease and simplicity lies a fund of insights about the individual / organization that can be worked with.

To be a partner, it is essential to be a trained and certified EUM practitioner. EUM Certification workshops are conducted once a quarter (announced on this site). The certification process involves attending a 3/4 day training workshop covering the underlying framework, features of the EUM–I and EUM–O, an introduction to interpretation and sample cases. Certification follows practice sessions post- workshop, with EUM–I and EUM–O data and submission of interpretive reports to the satisfaction of the certifying authority/author.

As a certified EUM practitioner, the full range of possibilities to engage your client systems online is open to you through signing up as a partner on taopowertools .com:

  • Administer the tests online to your clients.
  • Access scored outputs ready for your interpretation and reports.
  • Save reports tagged to clients, online.
  • Regulate access of reports stored online to clients.
  • Track utilization of test credits purchased.
  • Access informative articles and papers that add to your ability as a EUM practitioner.
  • And… many more.

Sign up today to become a partner. Join the Certification program coming up.

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